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I built my own workbench

I can’t believe I built my own workbench! 🔨🔩😀

In the past few years whenever I need to work on things I had to do it on my garage floor, this is very hard for my back. I decided that I need to get a workbench.

Another packed day

Another day packed with meetings. This is not a complaint, the meetings are good and positive. Shared knowledge with coworkers, caught up with some of them which I haven’t seen for a long time. Also tried articulating ideas better.

Broken violin bow

Cleared kitchen bench. It is stuffed with all kinds of things most of time, and getting more and more messy.


Every time I walk into the shower my first reaction is: oh, it is definitely due for a proper clean! I hope I can do it today. Eva is sharing the same thought with me. Good on her, she decided today is the day, she will have to get it cleaned before sleep. A lot of times, to get things done, all we need is this kind of determination.


Waking up, enjoying a few short moments of early morning by myself, before Nolan and Summer get up. Nolan still remembers his half completed nano block model from last night, and jumps straight into it.