• I built my own workbench

    I can’t believe I built my own workbench! 🔨🔩😀

    In the past few years whenever I need to work on things I had to do it on my garage floor, this is very hard for my back. I decided that I need to get a workbench.

  • Playing at home

  • Colourfest

  • Red Light

  • Afternoon sunlight

  • Still in North Sydney

    North Sydney Street
  • Roro

    Outside North Sydney Station
  • 礼拜一

    Scooter at skatepark
  • Nolan今天好懂事

    Nolan helping mum gardening
  • Parenting is hard

    Nolan waiting for pick up at bus stop
  • Friday

  • Bike and Scooter Day

    Bike and Scooter Day
  • Head Down Working

  • North Sydney City View

    North Sydney
  • Ordinary Monday

    Bought new flowers
  • Father's Day

    Nolan rides bike in skate park
  • Early Morning Flight

    Melbourne Airport runway, before taking off
  • Great Company Culture

  • Life is Good

  • Steve Jobs的致辞

  • Unpredictable

  • Chores

    We all have to do chores, unfortunately. I’m not sure when I realised it, but it’s a big realisation. Since then, I’ve been trying to maintain a positive mentality when it comes to chores. Doing dishes, laundry, we can’t avoid them, so instead of feeling miserable, let’s cheer up and get them done.

    Spent the day doing some chores, playing with Nolan and Summer, and made a nice meal. That’s about it.

  • No rushing things

    Missed Chronicle30 diary entry for the last two days, as the busy life overtaking me. I’ve been rushing things mostly during these two days. I don’t feel overly guilty or disappointed, but it’s a good sign to remind me that I need to take control and spend the time to pause, ponder, and record.

  • Another packed day

    Another day packed with meetings. This is not a complaint, the meetings are good and positive. Shared knowledge with coworkers, caught up with some of them which I haven’t seen for a long time. Also tried articulating ideas better.

  • Packed Day

    Get up 5:30am, change, drive, fly, work.

  • Broken violin bow

    Cleared kitchen bench. It is stuffed with all kinds of things most of time, and getting more and more messy.

  • Socks in plastic bags

    As a parent of young children, there are many many times in a day when I hope my kids could play by themselves for a little while, so I can get a few things done. It could be packing the bag for going out, cooking, or making an important phone call. I’m a strong single-tasking person, so this is especially true for me.

  • Determination

    Every time I walk into the shower my first reaction is: oh, it is definitely due for a proper clean! I hope I can do it today. Eva is sharing the same thought with me. Good on her, she decided today is the day, she will have to get it cleaned before sleep. A lot of times, to get things done, all we need is this kind of determination.

  • Peaceful

    Waking up, enjoying a few short moments of early morning by myself, before Nolan and Summer get up. Nolan still remembers his half completed nano block model from last night, and jumps straight into it.

  • Surprises

    We often find little surprises in our daily life. Nolan’s school hat has been lost for weeks, I finally found it today, in a bag with soccer stuff. If it wasn’t because of my co-workers playing soccer today and I gave them my soccer ball, I still don’t know where the hat is.

  • Chronicle30

  • Bike around Narrabeen Lagoon

    We went to ride bike around Narrabeen Lagoon last weekend. It’s a popular place for biking. There’s a paved track along the lake with beautiful lake views. Riding along, we saw lots of wild ducks and gooses.

  • Nolan turned 6

    Nolan turned 6 today. I can now feel he’s truely becoming a big boy, and it seems all happened in a sudden. I feel it’s a good time to flash back some highlights of past 6 years.

  • She cooks

  • 5 days in France

    In April 2018, Eva and I visited Europe for the first time. We had 2 weeks time in total. After a long process of deciding where to go (a few months) we decided to spend 5 days in France, and the rest 9 days in Italy. This is the first part of our trip.

    Paris street

  • Weekend Free Play

    Another weekend passed by …

    Saturday is busy, filled with early morning sports and other classes. Sunday is a true weekend for our kids, when they can enjoy a slow morning to free play, no morning rush to school, no evening rush to bed, just doing whatever they want.

    Lego vehicle

  • Mini Golf

    We had a beautiful sunny weekend. Nolan went to an awesome birthday party at Pittwater Golf Centre, and played mini golf there. It has a great pirate themed mini golf course for kids, it was fun but also challenging.

  • Silhouette and Shadows

    This week I went out taking some photos during lunch break. I didn’t expect to get any good photos, thinking about the harsh light at noon. Surprisingly I found the winter sun at noon casting really nice shadows. By shooting into the sun, I got a few nice silhouettes.

    Woman crossing street silhouette

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