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We often find little surprises in our daily life. Nolan’s school hat has been lost for weeks, I finally found it today, in a bag with soccer stuff. If it wasn’t because of my co-workers playing soccer today and I gave them my soccer ball, I still don’t know where the hat is.

Bike around Narrabeen Lagoon

We went to ride bike around Narrabeen Lagoon last weekend. It’s a popular place for biking. There’s a paved track along the lake with beautiful lake views. Riding along, we saw lots of wild ducks and gooses.

5 days in France

In April 2018, Eva and I visited Europe for the first time. We had 2 weeks time in total. After a long process of deciding where to go (a few months) we decided to spend 5 days in France, and the rest 9 days in Italy. This is the first part of our trip.

Paris street

Weekend Free Play

Another weekend passed by …

Saturday is busy, filled with early morning sports and other classes. Sunday is a true weekend for our kids, when they can enjoy a slow morning to free play, no morning rush to school, no evening rush to bed, just doing whatever they want.

Lego vehicle

Silhouette and Shadows

This week I went out taking some photos during lunch break. I didn’t expect to get any good photos, thinking about the harsh light at noon. Surprisingly I found the winter sun at noon casting really nice shadows. By shooting into the sun, I got a few nice silhouettes.

Woman crossing street silhouette