Socks in plastic bags

As a parent of young children, there are many many times in a day when I hope my kids could play by themselves for a little while, so I can get a few things done. It could be packing the bag for going out, cooking, or making an important phone call. I’m a strong single-tasking person, so this is especially true for me.

When Summer comes to me while I was getting things done, I try to direct her attention to one of the toys, it hardly works. It’s interesting, she has so many toys, yet she still wants to interact with me, this is human nature. We want to be with other people, not just things.

However, sometimes Summer would be attracted by very bizarre things and could concentrate on that for a very long time. Pulling all tissue one by one from a tissue box being one of those things. Today I witnessed another. She pulled out all used plastic bags (will be used for rubbish bag), and found my socks box, she then put one sock into one plastic bag and tie the bag up, and repeat…

There’re more things I feel like recording, but it’s 11:59pm, time to go bed.