CHRONICLE 90 is an attempt at creating an ongoing visual journal, regardless of circumstances—extraordinary or mundane. Snapshots from our lives.

KAGE Collective

Inspired by the Chronicle90 project from KAGE Collective, I decided to try Chronicle30. My goal is to create a daily journal, capturing moments of life and my feeling of that day, with snapshots to make it vivid, running 30 days, and it starts today.

Today is quite an eventful day. I haven’t had this kind of day for a while. Life has been in a good routine for a while: kids get up, then we get up feed them breakfast, send them to school, work, pick kids up, dinner, story, bed.

My day started with Summer waking up at 3am, which is probably not surprising to any parents with young children. Poor Eva had some important work to do today but was hit by a bad gastro, she had to go home just before lunch. I made an effort to go to Nolan’s second last soccer training for this season.

Tired. However feeling fulfilled somehow. Nolan has been asking for salad in lunch box, I’m extremely surprised thinking that’s the least thing children want in lunch box, but it made me happy.