Nolan turned 6

Nolan turned 6 today. I can now feel he’s truely becoming a big boy, and it seems all happened in a sudden. I feel it’s a good time to flash back some highlights of past 6 years.


We just got married not long ago, Eva only started her career for a little while, we were not ready to have a baby at the time. Nolan came regardless.


A quite painful experience unfortunately. Eva suffered a lot trying to push him out. Doctor had to perform a caesarean section to get Nolan out.

First Year

Stayed in Melbourne for 6 months.

Second Year

First trip to China; starting day care at Blakes; met his best friend Bryan. Asthma.

Third Year

Balance bike; Lego; Hamilton Island; ski in NZ.

Fourth Year

Nolan’s little sister was born.

Fifth Year

Becoming a big boy; starting school!